For our Muslim brothers and sisters, you do not have to cut short your shopping in order to do your daily prayers.

Our prayer rooms are not only separated by gender but also are accessible all day and are secluded from the hustle of the activities in the mall for quiet prayer time.

Ample smart parking with well-organized drop off zones convenient even for the physically challenged.

We have over 2,000 parking bays in basement, rooftop and on-grade parking with a parking silo planned to have over 2,500 parking bays.

Our travellators make moving around with your luggage and shopping cart easy and hassle free. You can access the mall’s lower retail from the parking through two points on either side of the basement using the travellators.

A set of escalators and elevators connect the lower retail, upper retail and rooftop levels. We are also wheelchair friendly.

Walk up to any of our Welcome Desks on floors 0 and 1 and let us assist you on any enquires you have about our offering. Feel at home and give us feedback on how we can continue to make your experience more pleasant and seamless.

For nursing mums and guardians with toddlers and young children, our baby changing rooms provide the privacy and support you need to help baby have a comfortable time in the mall.