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The restaurant business has been in the family for over five decades, passed generation to generation. Coming from a family with a rich Italian food cultural background, I decided to be more involved in the business and took over the role of Director. We have since expanded the business to include pastry and an ice cream parlour. The idea of including pastry in our menu was greatly supported by Mr. Valerio a famous pastry chef in Italy who has a vast knowledge and specializes in innovative pastry cuisine. 1 With all this at hand I got a great opportunity when I came to Kenya for a business trip, having also visited various parts of Africa, I particularly fell in love with this country for various reasons. I happen to meet my lovely wife Carolyne Kanza and Co-director of the company.

Our passion for rich foods, Italian heritage and culture drove us to start Colosseum Restaurant. Our choice of name came from its symbolic meaning from the Italian history, being one of the largest Amphitheatre in Rome, Italy, constructed in 72AD it is of great significance. Italy having given birth to the western culture, whether one looks at the history of the Christianity, philosophy, art, social customs and culture. Consisting of the 75% of the worlds monumental attraction, “Colosseum’’ emerges at the top of the list. Thus we wanted to bring a representation of the Italian culture to this beautiful country Kenya.


When you visit our restaurant we not only want it to leave a memorable experience in terms of the food but also ‘Colosseum’ the brand should not convey to the consumer the usual picture of any Italian restaurant, but instead the logo should be a reminiscent of the history of ancient Rome. Colosseum Restaurant brings you the richest Italian foods, a combination of the unique cuisines from over 20 regions in Italy. For a perfect traditional Italian dish, the ingredients and preparation is very crucial. At Colosseum we highly value the Italian traditional methods which have been passed to us by our ancestors. Our Executive Chef Mr. Dario, will be in charge of maintaining our high standards. In addition we shall be importing our raw products from country of origin, Italy. 7 Our menu includes pastry, Italian homemade Ice cream and a wide selection of wine originally from Italy which is one of the best known wine producing countries in the world.  By marrying the two, Italian food and wine you have the perfect dining experience with us. Our main objective is to run few restaurant so as to maintain the high quality standards and customer service, without losing the Italian traditional culture, as is the case of most restaurants in Kenya where quality has been compromised and altered over time. 6 We now aim to open a second branch due to high demand to cover the wide client base in Nairobi. The new Colosseum restaurant will consist of two sections: a Five Star Restaurant for fine dining and a cafeteria section with a wide variety of pastry i.e. best cakes, and confectionaries, by Mr. Valerio. This separation will enable us to concentrate on the two types of clientele; providing the appropriate ambiance for the particular customer, enable the Chef to have a one on one relationship and for personalized service.

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