Bepomag African collections

Established in 2016, Bepomag African Collections seeks to celebrate and share the rich cultural and aesthetic beauty of Africa, through unique fashion items and art. Working with local craftsmen, small scale traders and emerging entrepreneurs, the Bepomag African Collections seeks to provide a market platform for unique African inspired clothing, jewelry, footwear and decorative household items. All the items in Bepomag African Collections’ stock portfolio are made in Africa. Our portfolio includes African beaded jewelry and unique beaded sandals, African-inspired footwear, belts, leather handbags, clothing, hand woven bags and purses as well as a wide collection of African print fabrics. Bepomag African Collections is proud to share the rich diversity of African cultures, design and beauty on a regional and global scale. Check out our website and enjoy the beauty and uniqueness of Africa!

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