Olpul Steak House

In all of Africa, few cultures have managed to capture the hearts of many with the same fervency as the Maasai tribe. Besides being widely renowned for their fearsome reputation as warriors, their eclectic fashion sense that has managed to inspire international fashion brands such as Louis Vuitton and Vivienne Westwood, and their unique ethnic cuisine, the Maasai are undoubtedly a cultural force to reckon with. This is the legacy that Olpul steak house celebrates. Olpul, in the Maasai culture, is a home coming celebration of warriors full of song, and reverie that culminates with a feast. Roasting meat, better known as 'nyama choma', is a tradition in the Kenyan culture perfected by the Maasai community. Olpul steak house and grill brings to life this exotic Kenyan culture in a modern 21st century setting. The meat presented is from the finest ranches in Kenya - Naivasha, Nanyuki and Kitengela - with options of freshly cut to 21 day aged meat set on the menu. All marinades are made from locally sourced spices, oils, and herbs to ensure that both the flavor and the texture of the steaks served are as delicious and authentic as the culture that inspired it. Interior Inspiration Walking into Olpul steak house and grill is parallel to walking through a 21 st century doorway into an expansive, modern Maasai kraal nestled within the magnificent Two Rivers mall project. The steak house boasts an avant-garde spattering of cultural elements, materials, textures and colours in the interior inspired by the iconic image of the Maasai people. Central to the design is a custom graffiti-style super mural wrapping around the whole restaurant that represents the Maasai's passionate lifestyle while at the same time adding a fiery incandescence and warmth to the steak house. Oversized beaded light fittings accessorize the circular dining banquettes as an ode to the unrivaled Maasai neckpiece. The conical shape mimics the form of lay

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