Mr. Wok

The first Mister Wok restaurant was opened on 14th February 2004 at Capital Centre - Mombasa Road, by two creative minds, Karim Hadi and Karim Jaan destined to be  in the restaurants business. Karim Hadi, had been an in-flight purser with Pan-Am and Kenya Airways for several years. Thus, his wealth of experience has contributed to Mister Wok’s success. Karim Jaan, a close cousin, was also at the time in search of a challenging business. Funnily, it was over a Chinese meal at a friend’s home when the idea of venturing into a Chinese restaurant business struck them! Since its inception, the restaurant has to-date built a large and loyal clientele base whose support has enabled the Karims’ to add another Mister Wok restaurant at Lavingtons’ Muthangari Road, in 2008. In April 2010, the Karims open yet another third new outlet at Kengen RBS Gardens, Parklands, Nairobi. This time round a fine dining restaurant! Offering a peak into Thai cuisine. Mister Wok offers dishes you know & love, and from time-to-time introduce new and exciting dishes that you will surely enjoy. Both restaurants offer secured car parks and accesses for the special needs. Mister Wok attracts a varied clientele, largely for their passion for great food. The restaurants undertake to provide excellent food, good service and a delightful experience that you & your family will cherish for years to come!

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