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A Tale of Two Rivers: Mathari Primary School

As part of their efforts to enhance knowledge and learning, Two Rivers Development Ltd, ICDC and Catic Kenya in collaboration with Nairobi City County, are undertaking a massive CSI project to rebuild Mathari Old Primary School. The project will see over 700 children access a better learning environment. Old Mathari Primary School is scheduled to receive a tuition block with 36 new classrooms, a fully stocked library, administration offices & […]

A Tale of Two-Rivers: Mama-Nancy

There are approximately 900 workers on the mega Two Rivers Development construction site on a good day. When the sun is directly overhead and the sweat beads weigh heavy on the brows and backs of the workers, the synchronized clings and clangs of hammers, hissing of hot metal rods being shaped become a bit duller, you begin to see a steady stream of laborers walking towards the gate, with one […]

Happy New Year!!!

The year 2014 was the beginning of many good things for us. We had the ground breaking of the mall and for the progress look at the photos here. Concrete was poured, steel was bent, the sun-scorched our backs and foreheads, the rain poured but ahhhhh, God was good to us. We look forward to the year 2015, as this is when our commitment to opening the doors of┬áthe Retail […]

A Tale of Two Rivers: Athena Properties in the spotlight

Athena Properties Limited is a property developer, providing a comprehensive end to end range of urban development management services. We are a member of the Centum Group, a Pan-African investment firm listed on the Nairobi Securities Exchange, and we also recently got listed on the Uganda Securities Exchange. Athena Properties is the development manager of The Two Rivers Development and is responsible for the planning, project delivery, urban management as […]

Two-Rivers Development Overview

Two Rivers Development has several projects running concurrently, a city within a city. One of a kind project that will affect not only the community but the nation as a whole. Situated on a 100acre property in the affluent Runda/Gigiri area it is the largest mix use development going on in sub-saharan Africa, 8.9 Million Square feet when completed. The development provides premium facilities comprising of: REL (Retail, Entertainment and […]