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Two Rivers is a mixed use development promising visitors, shoppers, businesses and residents unforgettable experiences in each square foot.

Set on 100 acres within Nairobi’s diplomatic blue zone, Two Rivers is wedged between the Northern Bypass and Limuru Road. There is easy access to other parts of Nairobi from Two Rivers. The Central Business District is just 14 Km away, 29 Km from Jomo Kenyatta International Airport and just 5 Km from the UN Complex.

The development has been broken up into various uses:

  1. Commercial featuring offices and flagged off by Two Rivers Mall the largest mall in Sub Saharan Africa (outside of South Africa) and offices
  2. Residential with Two Rivers Apartments coming soon
  3. Hospitality with City Lodge’s 3 star 170 key hotel and a 5 star hotel (coming soon) bring you world class experiences right at your doorstep

Welcome to Two Rivers #TwoGoodToBeTrue


To create the most memorable and enriching experience per square foot for each visitor at Two Rivers


Delivery Excellence


To be Africa’s pre-eminent destination


Two Rivers owes its very identity to the bodies of water flowing through it: Giichi and Ruiruaka Rivers. As such, the destination is designed for visitors, residents and guests can take in the picturesque environment the rivers create. The restaurants overlook the riverfront and so do the three food and beverage levels of The Two Rivers Mall.

Open public spaces, the urban elements and riverfront all come together to form a beautiful, scenic attraction.

The riverfront also includes a 3600-seat amphitheatre. The amphitheatre will have a live studio, an outdoor video facility and VIP corporate boxes. It will host events throughout the year.

Security & ICT

Two Rivers has Invested USD 2.5M on high tech smart city solutions based on smart governance, smart environment, smart mobility, smart billing, smart economy and smart living. The ICT infrastructure will integrate city management services, utilities, retail, residential, security services, transport, health, education, sports and entertainment.

More than USD 10 M has also been invested in state of the art master plan security installations. This covers high tech CCTV, monitoring, scanning devices, central command & response centre that will cover. Security systems will cover the gate house, perimeter fence, all facilities, common areas and parks. Two Rivers will also have visitor management systems, access control access gateways in its facilities.

All this will be supported by a police post, fire response units and ambulances.

The Public Realm

Thirty percent of Two Rivers is set aside for public open spaces. These are areas to relax, spend time with family and friends, and experience nature close to home. Street furniture is available and state of the art landscaping adds to the beauty. Road paving, intersections, pedestrian prioritized roadways, on grade parking and paved areas make it easier to move through the development.

Water features decorate Two Rivers at strategic points and different indigenous flowers, trees and grass decorate the development.

Two Rivers Development is in the process of obtaining a four star rating from the Green Building Council of Kenya for its design and construction and intends to have the rating extended to its operations once the mall opens.

Infrastructure & Services

Urban management: this service integrates public and private sector activities so the development remains competitive, equitable as well as sustainable and ensures Two Rivers better responds to changing consumer needs. Athena Properties will provide urban management for Two Rivers incorporating smart billing, smart building maintenance, smart traffic solutions and smart entertainment in the exclusive service.

Internal road network is designed to give you easy access to all parts of Two Rivers. Paved roads, paved jogging/ walking tracks, street furniture, traffic control points and signage also enhance access throughout the development.


Two Rivers Development is a member of the Centum Group with Centum controlling a 58 pc stake in the development. Other shareholders in the development include AVIC International (38 pc), ICDC(14 pc) .

Two Rivers Lifestyle Center (the mall) is then owned 50/50 by TRDL and Old Mutual Properties.

The Project & Development Manager is Athena Properties Limited.